1933 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster

1933 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster 1933 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster



1933 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster Speedster Built Elegant Motors Built using Corvette C3 chassis 350CID Chevy V-8 MotoeXotica is pleased to introduce our latest offering, a 1933 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster Replica by Elegant Motors. This car has all the looks and function of an original Auburn Speedster without the couple hundred-thousand dollar price tag. The original Speedster is one of the most desirable classic cars in the world, thus it demands an outrageous price. Fortunately our Speedster does not have the similar price. The authentic Speedster was designed by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, who became a prominent industrial designer of Russian royalty descent. Count Alexis became known for designing everything from furniture to bicycles, but more notably designing automobiles. Having designed automobiles for American car manufactures such as Cord, American Austin, and Auburn; his Streamline-style created some of the most iconic classic American automobiles. He designed the 1933 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster with the intention of making a racing car with the comfort of a closed car. Elegant Motors built bodies from fiberglass using the exact specifications originally used by Auburn. Built by Del Amy and Richard Dick Passwater of Elegant Motors in 1974; using the correct body measurements mounted on the same year C3 Corvette chassis. They used most of the parts the Corvette used including the suspension, brakes, engine, and transmission. While this generation of Corvette is not anywhere near as desirable the real Auburn hardware, it does provide several advantages. Drivability, reliability, and sourcing parts are infinitely easier and cheaper. Elegant Motors offered two different chassis when replicating the Speedster; the cheaper Mustang chassis or the more expensive Corvette, this model being the more expensive of the two. Our Speedster is painted in an elegant two-tone pale cream over green with black pin striping accents. The car shows extremely well and the paint is in overall good condition, with only minor issues. There are minor scratches and chips on the fenders, left door edge, and cowl. Both chrome front and rear bumpers are in excellent condition, along with all the chrome accents. The American Racing Auburn replica wire-wheels are in excellent condition, as well as, both functioning headlights and taillights too. Open to the elements, the cockpit is in true Speedster style; with the split windshield on a heavy rake. Both leather bench seats show some patina but are in overall very good condition. Keeping true to the Speedster design the cockpit has the ability to change from a four seater to a two seater with the addition of the tonneau cover over the boot. If in a situation where the occupants are exposed to less than favorable conditions, there is a convertible top. Continuing adhering to authenticity, the aluminum dashboard cover has the speed-tested plate of over 100.8mph, which Auburn would ensure on every car. All the gauges are pulled from the C3 Corvette, however the tachometer is inoperable and the windshield is missing both wiper arms and blades. Mechanically this Speedster runs great, since it has a C3 Corvette running gear its reliability is on par with the Corvette. Having 4 wheel disc brakes it stops well and matches the demands of modern traffic conditions. The previous owner performed a complete tune-up before selling. A new HEI ignition, battery, distributer and wires, spark plugs, oil and oil filter, and entire fuel system was flushed including the fuel tank. For those who want a classic Speedster that can be street driven, without watching its value drop with every mile, this is a perfect alternative at a faction of the original price. What are you waiting for? Take a step back into time, at a quarter of the price. GET OUT AND DRIVE! VIN EMAP751

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