1976 All-Cars Charly

1976 All-Cars Charly 1976 All-Cars Charly



The All-Cars Charly was designed by Beach buggy manufacturer Autozodiaco. It was also sold as the All Cars Snuggy. Autozodiaco was an Italian company that built dune buggies based on VW Beetles in the 1970s. At some point, they designed this strange-looking three-wheeled microcar and then sold the rights to All-Cars srl of Pianoro, Italy. In production from 1974 through 1985, the Charly used a 49cc single-cylinder engine from Moto Morini. All-Cars built variations of the Charly for a number of years and it was sold as the "Snuggy" in some countries. The body is fiberglass and these cars are incredibly rare. This '76 All-Cars Charly is an Antique Automobile Club of America National First Place Winner and is without a doubt, the nicest all original Charly in existence. This is said to be the only complete, original, unrestored All-Cars Charly in the United States. There are a few in museums but these cars have all been through some kind of restoration. Traveling only 161 kilometers since new, the car runs great and is a blast to tool around in. The fiberglass body is in near perfect condition as is the paint. All of the striping looks great on the car and the emblems are still intact. The glass and rubber seals are all in good, original condition as well as the lights in the front and rear. Inside, the seat, door panels and carpet are all nearly perfect and are said to be original for the car. The paint inside the car is just as nice as the exterior. The interior is very simple and clean with only a speedometer gauge. The fuel shut off is behind the seat and works like a motorcycle. The levers on the floor are for reverse, emergency brake, clutch and gear selector. The little 49cc Moto Morini engine is a two stroke and runs great. We've taken this little car down the road and had a blast with it. The engine is very clean an original in appearance. This would make a great addition to any micro car museum or simply a fun little toy to play around with. The car currently shows 161 Kilometers which is said to be original. The car is being sold on a Bill of Sale only.

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