1985 AMC Eagle

1985 AMC Eagle 1985 AMC Eagle



The Eagle came about when Jeep's chief engineer, Roy Lunn, joined a Concord body with a four-wheel-drive system.[3] Such a vehicle was a logical step for AMC, according to then CEO Gerald C. Meyers, as a second energy crisis had hit in 1979, and sales of AMC's highly profitable truck-based Jeep line dropped in part to their low fuel efficiency, leaving AMC in a precarious financial position. The Eagle provided a low-cost way of bridging the gap between AMC's solid and economical, but aging, passenger car line and its well-regarded, but decidedly off-road-focused, Jeep line, as the Eagle used the existing Concord (and later, Spirit). A first in mass production passenger cars, the early AMC Eagles came with a true full-time automatic system that operated only in permanent all-wheel drive. The four-wheel drivetrain added approximately 300 pounds to the Eagle's curb weight. The AMC Eagles were also the first mass-produced U.S. four-wheel-drive vehicles with an independent front suspension.Exterior styling was slightly revised as all models used the "power bulge" hood, seen previously on the 1981-83 Eagle Series 50 models. The grille header bar and hood ornament/trim strip were deleted in the process. "Shift-on-the-Fly" capability was added to the Select Drive 4-wheel-drive system as standard equipment. A new key-fob-activated infrared remote keyless system with power locks was newly available as an option. Radios with digital tuning were also introduced. The standard powertrain was now the previously optional 5-speed manual, with the wide-ratio 3-speed automatic still available as a popular option. The AMC 258 I6 became standard. However, Eagle sales began to drop as AMC was no longer aggressively promoting the models. Production was for the 1985 model year: 2,655 4-door sedans and 13,335 station wagons, for a total of 16,990 unitsThe car you see here is a 78,000 mile Eagle that is nearly all original. The original owners had this car until 2008 when it was sold in an estate sale. The second owner purchased the car and had it until August of 2011, at which time they sold it to the family we purchased it from. In the three years of ownership they put just over 100 miles on the car. In August of 2011 the family we purchased the car from bought it and put all new tires on the car as well as a new exhaust system. The paint on the car is in good original condition with no major imperfections to speak of. There are some scratches and dings as expected from a 27 year old car. Both front and rear bumpers look great with no damage and both have a good shine to them. There are some spots where the pin striping is peeling from age. Inside, the interior looks great and is nearly as good as it was when the car was new. There is a small tear to the passenger side seat as you can see in the photos but with the exception of that, the seats are in great condition. The carpet looks great in the front and rear. The back seat does fold down and the original cover remains in the rear. The dash is solid with no cracking or buckling. Under the hood, the inline six cylinder runs great and starts with a turn of the key. The engine compartment looks extremely clean with no signs of previous damage or modifications. The A/C works as it should and still blows ice cold. All of the tires are newer and wrapped around chrome wheels that do show a bit of pitting and peeling. VIN number is 2CCCK3850FB707877 and the current mileage shows 78,151 and is said to be original for the car.

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