1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6

1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6



The Alfa Romeo GTV-6 was produced at a time when Alfa Romeo was hemorrhaging money. Yet, the engineers at Alfa managed to create one of the most sophisticated sports cars of its era. An all-alloy SOHC V6 engine driving a rear five-speed transaxle with deDion suspension is world-class engineering. This was also the last two-door sports coupe Alfa imported into the US before its retreat from the market in 1995. Alfa wanted its new car to be bug-free, so GTV-6s built in 1980 were used exclusively by the factory for testing. The model was finally considered ready for public sale in 1981, By 1985, the car's mechanical difficulties were behind it, and the GTV-6 underwent some desirable styling changes. These included a redesigned interior with new seats and a more attractive trim scheme for the exterior. The car offers reclining seat backs, power windows and an air conditioning system. Powering the GTV-6 was the SOHC V6 2.5 L engine from the Alfa 6 luxury sedan. As a result the hood received a bulge to clear the top of the intake and became its most pronounced feature. With Bosch fuel injection instead of the six down draught Dell'Orto carburetors in the early Alfa 6 installation, the V6 was much easier to start and retained its state of tune much better. The V6 received rave reviews from the motoring press, which had previously lambasted the same engine in the Alfa 6 because of the carburetor problems.This particular car is a 66,000 original miles car that is all original. The car has been in storage for the last 15 years and has been driven only 5,000 miles since 1990, when the previous owner purchased the car. The car was re-titled when the previous owner moved in 2005. At that time, the car showed 66,164 miles and that is the mileage on the current Kansas title. Currently the odometer shows 66,567. The car is finished in the original shade of red that looks great with no major imperfections to be found. Both front and rear bumpers are solid with no damage to either. The front is showing some minor rock chips, but none are major. The body on the car is very solid with no rot to be found. These cars are notorious for their rust problems and this car is extremely solid all around. We spoke to the shop in Kansas that maintained the car and he said this is the nicest GTV-6's that he has ever seen. Inside, the original black leather seats look great and show no signs or major wear. Both side bolsters are solid with only minor wear. Both door panels, the dash and steering wheel are solid with no tears. The same goes for the carpet which shows no major wear. The AM/FM radio works with no problems as well as all gauges, lights, blinkers, horn and wipers. The A/C blows cool. Under the hood, the V6 is extremely clean with no signs of damage. The car has had headers installed but retains all of its original components otherwise. The most significant work that has ever been done is a clutch replacement. The car starts right up and goes down the road with plenty of power and no pull to either side. The five speed transmission shifts with no problems and the clutch is strong. Currently, the car shows 66,567 miles which is actual and is being sold on an actual mileage Kansas title. This is one of the nicest GTV-6's in the nation and is sure to please everyone at the next Alfa gathering. By 1985 Alfa Romeo had the bugs worked out of these GT's and it shows in the quality of this car.

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