I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in the purchase of my new Prowler. I was very anxious making this purchase online, and dealing with someone I didn’t know and hadn’t met in person. I even bought the car without ever having driven a Prowler! I have to say that the car exceeds my expectations, and is even more gorgeous than represented in the photos you posted. I truly appreciate your professionalism, and your efforts to have the car shipped safely to me out-of-state.

The car is absolutely fabulous, and you were terrific to work with (also, thanks to Agnes for putting up with my calls and emails)! Thanks for helping me find my new ride! The only problem with having this car is that I cannot go anywhere unnoticed — it is a head-turner!

Many thanks,


2001 Chrysler Prowler

The SKYLARK!!!!!! (1970 Buick Skylark Convertible) Is very impressive!!! By, chance is there any more paper work on it. Hope we can stay intouch with one another!!!! Also, there is know way we can put you in with E-Bay , since the purchase was not through them???? Cause, as of yet YOU have been the most !!!! What, can I say!!!! By, the way this is Brent’s Lady/ Saales Lady….. HA! HA!!!!!!

- Brent -

Hey Scott: Just a quick note to say “Hi!” and let you know how much I’ve been enjoying the Lincoln. Christmas was fun and all my friends and relatives got a big kick out of the car. Lots of ooohs and aaaahs! Last weekend I went to the Supernationals 2002 car show here in Albuquerque and afterwards took my family out in the car for a drive. Lots of stares, double-takes, and thumbs up! God! I love this car! It is such a dream! I’ve been following some of your recent eBay auctions and was really impressed by the 58 Lincoln. Wish I had the money and the space! But, my girlfriend and I are planning a summer wedding sooooo…..no more cars for a while since we gotta pay for the wedding! Well, Scott, you take care. I’ll keep an eye on your auctions and pass them on to my friends and family. Thanks for everything!

- Bill -

Hey Scott; Well I made it back home! The car (1990 Porsche 928) is Great! I stopped the first night at Evansville Indiana, It had been a long day for me, and I was getting tired. I forgot to ask you about the wheel lock nuts, and if there was a tool/key for them. I see now that the locks are all missing so I was concerned for naught. I could just imagine getting a flat, and not being able to get a wheel off. I took the car directly to German Motors and had Joe look it over. He gave me a thumbs up and felt that all of the little gripes were easily fixed, and the car should be a keeper. I could not find a manual for the CD/radio, so trying to figure out how to adjust it will take some time. I had brought a couple of CD albums with me, and it was rather enjoyable listening to them along the way. I don’t know how your trip went, but I have never made that trip before without encountering rain, sleet, snow, sun, wind, or what ever. This time it was warm and sunny all the way. Is that a good sign, or what? Thanks for your patience with me, perhaps our paths will cross again someday.

- Tom S. -

Dear Scott: Today I drove the wonderful (1956 Premier) Lincoln to work to show it to my coworkers and Sandia Labs personnel that I know. It is such a joy to drive! Everyone was blown away big time! I talked to one of the older Sandia engineers who had worked in Detroit many years ago and he had worked with one of the main designers of the 56 Lincoln models! Cool, huh? Another engineer told me about a man here in Albuquerque who has a 56 convertible. It was great fun. I also told them about your web site and all the unusual cars you have on it. When I stopped to get gas on the way everyone at the station asked me about the car. Tonight, it is safely ensconced in the garage. I plan to keep the miles low of course. I am still just astounded at the great condition of this automobile! What a super car! Everybody is drawn to it like a magnet. Well, that’s all for now. Many¬†thanks!

- Bill -