The car arrived in good shape Friday evening, 12-4-15.   I must say the delivery service you used was well above standard.  Over the years I have had five cars

shipped in and Lynn Schreiber’s service, from Confident Cargo USA,  was exceptional.  From having the car covered, to the drivers seat covered, and changing cloths

before driving the car from the enclosed trailer, plus calling several times to give progress and hitting his arrival time within minutes.  That is service I have not

experienced in previous deliveries.  You made a good choice.


Thank you for making this purchase and delivery smooth and uneventful.



- Keith - 1972 Mercedes -

Giving you an update. You know about the car being towed for no tag. Thanks for going out of your way to help when you didn’t have to. Tell your office manager that I appreciate her help. By the way what is her name. on Sunday we were in TN and stopped for lunch at a Wendy’s. When we came out the battery was dead. When I checked the date it was 71/2 years old. I called AAA and got a jump. He was really a great guy. I went to NTB and got a new battery. They were very helpful. Late Sunday we were past Knoxville and closing in on Ashville. I stopped for gas and checked the air shocks and the air was low. It was getting late so we checked into a motel and check out the shocks in the morning. Monday morning I found a “good ‘ole boy” that can fix anything. Air shocks are special order so he couldn’t get new ones. He said you what I’d do? I’d put fix a flat in it, pump it up and drive on home. I did and everything was fine. The traffic was terrible and was the worst part of the trip. The car ran great. I drove 65-70 all the way. It was a pretty cool trip. We call ourselves Clark and Ellen Griswold. I don’t regret deciding to drive it home but I can say we were lucky that we had a great car and wonderful people that went above and beyond to help. I would say to others if you’re willing to take the risk of driving the car home and take any bad situations all in stride without getting upset when things don’t go right then go for it. The things that happened to us were minor problems and easy to fix. Major problems might be harder to take in stride.  You said if we wanted an adventure we may want to try to drive home. The couple of bad things were more than offset by the good people who went out of their way to help.


Thank you for everything. I love the car and it’s a real eye catcher.


Tom Moyer (aka Clark Griswold)


Well, no sooner that I opened your email, the Mustang arrived! Thank you so much for all your help!!! I have to tell you that I did a lot of research over the past few months, and having never searched to purchase a car unseen, I was sort of mortified. That, coupled with some (not many, but a couple) not so happy reviews of your company by disgruntled buyers, but there are always a few – and what was impressive was that, in each case, someone from Moto replied with more detail about what they actually tried to do and did do to satisfy the unhappy customer. For my part, I’ve never enjoyed a purchasing process more than with all of you! From Mark (we came to an agreement on price in about 4 seconds, no exaggeration) to you and Chris, I just couldn’t be happier with what was represented and what arrived in front of my house. So if you would, please extend my sincere thanks to everyone, especially you, for doing the least-fun part of a car transaction, and let the owner know how much I appreciate the terrific staff, and that you all deserve 20% raises!

- 1965 Ford Mustang -
1965 Ford Mustang 350GTH Tribute

I just purchased a G35 that was on consignment at MotoExotica.  I worked predominantly with Kevin Grubbs on the purchase, however everyone was super nice and helpful.  Kevin kept on top of things very well as both the seller and myself were out of town over a period of a couple weeks during the sales process.  I placed a bid on the car, which was ultimately accepted.  I picked up the car over a lunch hour with the process taking about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  Very simple transaction handled very professionally.

2004 Infinity G35

Joe: I entered the 1960 Triumph Roadster that I bought from MotoExotica on 12-12-12 in yesterday’s Laguna Beach Car Show, and she was awarded “Best in Class” for Foreign Sports Cars through 1974, a field of at least a dozen cars all in very nice condition. The only major additions I’ve made to the exterior of the Triumph can be seen on the front end and the trunk lid. On the front, I installed a Moss Motors badge bar for driving lights and a couple of badges. I also had a 2nd badge bar built similar to one that I saw on the cover of a magazine featuring a TR3. The 2nd badge bar can easily accommodate 4 badges. If there was an award to the car with the most badges, the TR would have won hands-down with 6!

On the trunk lid, I installed a luggage rack that is only temporarily attached to the car. I didn’t want to drill 4 holes in her (“Justine”) trunk lid for mounting a permanent luggage rack, so I bought a luggage rack from Victoria British that can be removed in just a few minutes. I found a leather suitcase at a local swap meet for $20, but splurged on the leather straps buying them from a small company in Italy. My wife put travel decals on the suitcase, lightly sanded them to give them a used look, and that’s about it. You can see the “Best in Class” award w/ribbon on the suitcase. The Laguna Beach Car Show is an annual event sponsored by the Laguna Beach Rotary Club, and this year’s event was the 11th annual show. The Laguna Beach Car Show will eventually be posting pictures of this year’s event which you might find interesting. Just wanted to let you know that the car is doing great and running extremely well. She gets a lot of looks and “thumbs up” whenever I drive her, which is often. She’s definitely not just a show car but more like a daily driver.

Hope you’re doing well. Sincerely, John Timko

1960 Triumph TR3