1975 Chevy Cosworth Vega

  • Sold For: $6,500
  • Make: Chevy
  • Model: Cosworth Vega

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Up for auction is a rarely seen, 1975 Cosworth Vega from the dry state of Arizona. This low mileage example has been in the southwest ever since new. In 1970, Chevrolet engineers began working closely with a now famous engine development company in England, Cosworth Engineering Ltd., to design a new European Formula 2 engine based on GM’s innovative aluminum silicon alloy four cylinder block. In 1971, when it was apparent that the four valve per cylinder head design was a viable product, word was given by the then General Manager of Chevrolet, Mr. John Z. Delorean, to develop a Vega “image” model. This new model would utilize a detuned version of the engine as well as other high performance/sport options such as 3.73 posi-traction rear axle, aluminum sport wheels, and full instrumentation. In later press releases Chevrolet would state; “The Cosworth Vega is a highly sophisticated sports concept designed to generate excitement and bolster interest in the GM domestic small car market” It also added “another marketing objective is to establish the design superiority and engineering excellence of (this) Vega option in the minds of knowledgeable enthusiasts”. Chevrolet, after a three year development program and a one year delay associated with a failure to achieve EPA certification in 1974, began building the first of approximately 2,061 1975 1/2 Cosworth Twin Cam Vegas (RPO Z09) in March, 1975. The unique engines were hand assembled in a special area at the Tonawanda Engine Plant in New York, tested, and shipped to the Lordstown, Ohio vehicle assembly facility were Vegas were being built at rates approaching 100 units per hour. The Cosworths were assembled on the same line as other Vegas. All 1975 Cosworths were black with gold striping and gold painted aluminum wheels, each of the vehicles carried a serial numbered plaque on a gold tinted engine turned dash bezel. The 1975 Cosworth model also utilized the new Monza torque arm rear suspension (not used on the standard Vega till 1976), special tachometer, and exclusive transmission and final drive gear ratios. The interior was the same as the GT model custom interior.This particular 1975 Vega is number 206 and is a very fine example. With only 41,616 miles showing, this is said to be an original mileage car. The previous owner informed us that this is a 41,000 original mileage car but there was a mistake on the title and it reads 140,000. The previous owner assured us that the cars 41,616 miles ARE actual and the car will speak for itself. The paint on the car is in good, overall condition with no major imperfections to be found. The Cosworth Vega decals all look good and show no peeling. Both front and rear bumpers are solid with no scrapes or pitting to be found. All the body panels are solid with no bubbling or rot that we have found. This is a rare and awesome classic that is sure to increase in value over the years. This vehicle is one of those investment opportunities that don’t come around to often and is sure to make you money as well as have fun while your doing it. The current mileage shows 41,616 and this is said to be actual for the car by the previous owner. The VIN number is 1V77E5U204257 and the car is being sold on an Arizona title. The previous owner has had the car since 1996 in the state of Arizona. GET OUT AND DRIVE!

Inside, the interior looks like a 40,000 mile car should. It appears that it is all original with no major wear to be found. The seats are all in good overall condition as is the carpet. The headliner is sagging a slight bit and there is a crack to the top of the dash. All gauges work except for the clock and the temperature gauge which reads higher then the car really is. Lights and blinkers work with no problems as does the original AM radio. The horn is inoperable as well as the wipers. The wiper switch is probably the cause for this.

Under the hood, the motor is very clean but not highly detailed. On the road, this car absolutely flies. Once this dual overhead cam motor is out on the highway it just wants to keep going and going. All while getting around 25 miles to the gallon! We purchased the car from a die hard member of the Cosworth Vega Owners Association. He really knew these cars and loved them. Reluctantly, he had to sell the car for personal reasons.

The wheels are wrapped with P195/70 R13 radials that have good tread life left on them but do show some minor cracking to the side wall. I would suggest getting them changed before any extended highway trips. They are fine for around town driving. The underside of this car is solid and shows no rot to the floors or frame.

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