The 1961 Olds Starfire was a limited edition, high-performance sports convertible

By: Bruce Kunz

August 27th, 2017

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Old Car Column

Starfire! The name itself conjures up feelings of excitement. It has for me since I was a teen and my father purchased his first one, a 1962 coupe.

The first Oldsmobile to bear the Starfire moniker was a concept or “dream car” shown at the 1953 Motorama auto show. The name would be passed on to the 1954-1956 98 series convertibles and, for model year 1957, all body styles of the line were referred to as Starfire 98s.

The Starfire name laid dormant for the next two years when it was brought back as a standalone series for model year 1961. This new Starfire, considered the first generation of the name, was unlike the land yachts of the 1954-1957 models. It was a smaller chassis and body, that of the 88 and Super 88 models, but having the higher horsepower Rocket 88 engine used in the 98 series with a few tweaks added for Starfires only. My favorite was the use of factory-installed fiberglass-packed mufflers. The tone is best described as “mellow” … and a beautiful sound it was.

My favorite things about the 1961 model are, for one, it was only available in convertible format. It was the only year that featured a twin hood spear, perhaps a minor detail but it did make a difference. The use of brushed aluminum side trim was a bit more restrained and tasteful than that of the following year when a hardtop coupe was added. With a base price of $4,647 in 1961, the Starfire was the most expensive car in the Oldsmobile lineup, even more than the larger 98 models.

Sales of the Olds Starfire soared like its namesake, the Lockheed F-94 Starfire jet fighter, with the coupe’s introduction in 1962 at 34,839 copies and convertibles 7,149. With only 1,500 of

the 1961 models crossing the sales floor, it goes without saying the scarcity of the ‘61 models makes it that much more appealing to collectors. I’ve been to hundreds of car shows over the years and the only place I have ever seen a 1961 Starfire was at the July 2013 Oldsmobile Club of America’s national convention, in Springfield, Ill.

FIN MAN Factoid: The 1961 Starfire was the first American, full-sized production car, to feature an automatic transmission with a console-mounted floor shifter.

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