1991 Acura NSX

  • Sold For: $22,000
  • Stock Number: 3357
  • Make: Acura
  • Model: NSX
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Title: Clear

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What some observers considered to be Acura’s “Ferrari-fighter” went on sale in summer 1990, accompanied by considerable fanfare. Part of that fanfare had to do with price, because this new entrant from Honda’s luxury division was the most expensive Japanese-brand car on the U.S. market. Because of its instant popularity, dealers began to sell them for more than sticker price. An all-out mid engine sports car, the new NSX 2-passenger coupe had a body and suspension made of aluminum which made it incredibly light. Transversely mounted in the middle, between the seats and ahead of the rear axle, was an aluminum 3.0-liter V6 engine, with dual overhead cams and variable valve timing. All of the initial NSX coupes had 5-speed manual transmissions, and the V6 produced 270 horsepower. An NSX could accelerate to 60 mph in a swift 5.6 seconds, according to its maker, and run a quarter-mile in 13.9 seconds. Acura intended to offer no more than 3000 cars per year in the U.S. market. Chassis features included a fully independent suspension, antilock all-disc brakes, traction control, Yokohama A-022 tires (205/50ZR15 in front and 225/50ZR16 out back) on forged aluminum wheels. This particular car began life in California where it stayed until 2008 with the same owner. This was the second NSX in the family, with the first belonging to the husband. The wife liked the car so much, she purchased the same car, but in an automatic. Due to health problems, she then sold the car in 2008 to the gentleman that we are selling the car for. The car has had its emblems professionally removed as well as the NSX from the taillights which gives it a very clean look. The car is an automatic but has had a torque converter installed as well as a transmission cooler which is in place of the spare tire under the front hood. The color combination of red over ivory interior is very rare and looks great. Ivory interior cars are getting increasingly hard to find. In 1991 it earned the title of car of the year and also began the first year of NSXs being sold in the states which only adds to the future collectability of these cars. Sitting in this NSX lets you know that you are in a purpose built car by its shorter nose, mid engine, low and wide stance. The purpose originally by Acura was to compete in the supercar market but driving the car with the NSXs road manners and wait for it……fuel economy!!!! You realize it is so much more. The red paint is in incredible with very few imperfections or flaws besides a couple thin scratches and chips here and there. The most notable is above the drivers side door handle, on the black. All emblems have been shaved as well as the NSX logo from the rear taillights. Theses were all done professionally and with great care. The interior is in decent shape with no tears in the leather but the leather is showing some very minor cracking on the drivers side seat bolster due to constant enjoyment from driving this car. The stereo unit is aftermarket and is a Kenwood large screen unit featuring CD/DVD which sounds great. All lights, blinkers, gauges work with no problems as well as the climate control which blows cold. The NSX extruded aluminum monocoque and all aluminum double wishbone suspension strived for weight savings so that every ounce of power from the 3.0-litre VTEC V6 could be utilized. Those 270 ponies pushed the NSX to levels of performance that equaled their target- the Ferrari 328. In addition to the first use of titanium connecting rods, the NSX was also the first Honda-designed production car officially sold in the U.S. with rear-wheel drive. Under the rear glass cover, the motor is very clean and original with no major aftermarket parts being installed with the exception of what’s noted. This is a not stories Acura that draws as much attention as anything that came out of Italy. With the automatic transmission, the car is easy for everyone to drive and not having to worry about constant maintenance is a huge plus. Especially for your wallet. The current mileage shows 67,166 and is original for the car. VIN number is JH4NA126XMT002688.

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Asking Price: $22,000 Miles: VIN:
Year: 1991 Make: Acura Model: NSX
Title: Clear Warranty: No Condition: Used
Options: Engine: 6 Transmission: Automatic
Body: Doors: 2 Stock Number: 3357
Lot Number: Exterior: Red Interior: Ivory
Call Motoexotica: 636-600-4600 Ebay Listing: View on Ebay Sold to:

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